Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How My Marriage Would Be???

I was sitting there as the groom, a groom who was little nervous and fully excited about being the centre of attraction.  The aroma of blithe and different flowers of various colours were spread over the whole place.   The pleasing music of the marriage eve can be heard everywhere.
 Almost all our friends and relatives have gathered in the place to lively visualise the happening of a heavenly marriage.  It was my day and her day; our day.  All the arrangements were made by our parents in the mint condition with a keen focus that the day has fallen nothing sort in terms of anything. 
 The relatives and friends have been busy with their talks yet their eyes cleanly focussed on me.  I was little afraid that I can never be a perfect match to her, in terms of appearance, but my fear vanished when I saw our parents’ faces.  In our parents face a hundred splendid suns glow together flaunting their happiness.
The pressure in my brain rose a bit every minute, because I have never been a centre of attraction like this before.  With the traditional Indian costume being wrapped, my body smelled with the Red Sandals, which my mother applied over me before, soothed my mood.
 As a feast to the eyes of everyone, she came downstairs with her slow steps.  The musical notes of Nadhswaram gained their pitch and their volume too rose highlighting the entry of the moon-faced bride.   My tension got a little relieved because as soon as the people’s gaze caught her sight, their attention turned towards her from me.  Now she became the centre of attraction like every time.   Another four girls accompanied her. They too are beautiful, but none could compete with her. (I am little worried that my license to ogle these beauties is going to cancelled soon; but how the pennies of beauty would tempt him when he is going to become a billionare of beauty)  

Her hands are polished with ornate Mehndi.    The ornaments she wore sparkled but wasn’t noticeable much as her blissful countenance shined over, surpassing it.  The pink silk sari with the golden embroideries of foliages, sewn with blue and pale green borders captured all the eyes of the women.  But none of the above adorned her like the nature did; it perfectly adorned her by gifting the flawless beauty.
 The excitement and exuberance of the surrounding air, which were billowed by the crowd of relatives and friends, rocked the whole Mahal.   Then she came near me.  I saw her eyes; they conveyed me how her heart is bouncing inside.   Her visage appeared like a serene pond, while her feminine shyness was the reverberations on it, when a leaf of a demure smile was dropped by her protruding lips.
She came and sat near me. The whole attention of the people rested with us.  I put my fingers over hers, unknown to anyone.  She suddenly raised her head towards me as soon as my fingers disturbed hers; then with an inhibited cute smile, she again put her head down facing the Earth. 
Few moments later I felt the auspicious thread resting in my hands.  I felt as if I attained the whole world.
The music from Nadhswaram and other instruments once again gave loud beats and notes exhibiting the arrival of the most precious moments.        
 Then I indicated the whole world that she was mine, mine forever by tying the auspicious thread around her neck.  The flowers, which our friends and relations bestowed, reached us like a shower of wishes straight from the heaven.   I am so elated and engrossed by the splendour things happening in my life.  I fathomed that I was forever blessed.  Then I recognised the things, which were running in her mind. I realised what she felt. Eventually, I comprehended the fact our two souls tied to each other by this sacred thing has ultimately become as one. 
Then I saw in the eyes of some men, who came over there, filled with jealousy of how I could be born as the one to deserve this priceless boon.   Subsequently I visualised some of the faces brimmed with the sadness of their love being gone as an unrequited or untold one.  And I was sorry that I am the responsible for that.