Monday, December 5, 2011

lets smile-for now and forever..

 Make all your worries as a beautiful mirror;
See yourself in it for the last time
Put it down and break it by saying that
“You are no more needed to me”

In The Journey Of Life

                                                                  In the journey of life
You are like a bus
I will wait for you sometime
If you don't come, then
I will start walking,
No matter if you come
After i have started walking
Though this pains
       I like to travel than sitting by........

your thoughts

Sometimes whenever I feel disturbed
Your thoughts make me feel peaceful
Sometimes whenever I feel lively
Your thoughts make me feel deserted
Sometimes whenever I feel happy
Your thoughts make feel sad
Sometimes whenever I worry
Your thoughts make me feel joyous
Your thoughts sometimes brings the rain in my desert
And it sometimes brings the fire in my forest
Whatever it may be, until your thoughts are with me
My soul will be breathing somewhere in this world..