Thursday, August 18, 2011

i love you

How could I say that I love you?
For it had lesser intensity
I loved you so much
That no one on the universe has ever did
Yet I never expressed you 
For I believed you may not be mine
Days went on I was afraid that my love may go unsaid
So I decided to make you understand the part you played in mine
And I don't know how that happened
All of a sudden I proposed you through the mail
Your silence makes me think of that
You may never have noticed my mail or
You may be thinking that I may be ok to live with
I am waiting for your consent as a response and it was just
Like waiting for a dream to come true in another dream
Because I still doubt, do those things were just an dream
There are more chances that your consent may positive
Yet I knew it may not, whatever may be
In this world everyone is loved so crazily by someone
Though they do not wish or care for them
And for you let it be me......