Monday, August 15, 2011

deep inside my eyes lies your image

  When my life was full of darkness
With your love I found the light
And when you were gone there is no use of the light
Because your departure had made me blind
Still after that your love was there
As the another blind person
To show me the path of my life
I went on those paths with all your thoughts
Many people walked into my life
But they couldn’t cast their footprints in my heart
Because their foot prints were destroyed by your memory waves
Like the tidal waves carrying away the footprints on the shore
Years went and our hairs have turned grey
We have become old
Four decades have passed
Though I loved you but I never proposed so
Still you were unaware of the part you played in my life
Still I am having a deep regret
And I preserved that as the top secret
Yes, baby I still love you and yearn for you
To come into my life once again
Because deep inside my eyes lies your image