Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Kind Of Love

There are two kinds of lovers in this world

One falls in love at the first sight

The other feels after some time or some days

Or some weeks or some years

That they have fallen in love at the first sight itself…

i love you

How could I say that I love you?
For it had lesser intensity
I loved you so much
That no one on the universe has ever did
Yet I never expressed you 
For I believed you may not be mine
Days went on I was afraid that my love may go unsaid
So I decided to make you understand the part you played in mine
And I don't know how that happened
All of a sudden I proposed you through the mail
Your silence makes me think of that
You may never have noticed my mail or
You may be thinking that I may be ok to live with
I am waiting for your consent as a response and it was just
Like waiting for a dream to come true in another dream
Because I still doubt, do those things were just an dream
There are more chances that your consent may positive
Yet I knew it may not, whatever may be
In this world everyone is loved so crazily by someone
Though they do not wish or care for them
And for you let it be me......

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

how silly you were?

I always believed in the existence of you

I always prayed to you

I always shared everything with you

I always gave my love unselfishly

But how selfish you really were

Oh! God how silly you were

You don’t want me to give her

Because you were afraid that

I may forget you if I got her………………

Monday, August 15, 2011

deep inside my eyes lies your image

  When my life was full of darkness
With your love I found the light
And when you were gone there is no use of the light
Because your departure had made me blind
Still after that your love was there
As the another blind person
To show me the path of my life
I went on those paths with all your thoughts
Many people walked into my life
But they couldn’t cast their footprints in my heart
Because their foot prints were destroyed by your memory waves
Like the tidal waves carrying away the footprints on the shore
Years went and our hairs have turned grey
We have become old
Four decades have passed
Though I loved you but I never proposed so
Still you were unaware of the part you played in my life
Still I am having a deep regret
And I preserved that as the top secret
Yes, baby I still love you and yearn for you
To come into my life once again
Because deep inside my eyes lies your image

Monday, August 8, 2011


You have no one to call you by a nick name

You have no silly jaded stories to be said again and again

You have no one to buy you something when your pocket is empty

And no one to share your money resting in your purse

No one to give the birth day bump

Once you had all these things done by few but you left all those

Because you believed these were small things

And life yet has many things to be attained

You were right these were little things,

In the huge tale of life

But why you yearn? For those little things to happen

Why you cry? When these little things fails to happen

Because you know very well that

Only these little things filled as the ink of

The pen that wrote the masterpiece named friendship

friendship day

Every day of our life goes with the friends
Even every day happens only because of friends
Then why do we have a separate day
For celebration of the friends
Because it is one of the day in a year
To remind some of the idiots
With whom we cherished every moment
With whom we did some mischievous things
With whom we said some foolish lies
For whom we owe the money
With whom we felt happy
Whom we miss the most
Whom were always near with us and went far from us
It is a day just to think of those idiots
With whom we felt the real friendship
And whisper their names in our heart
And just give a smile for them in our face...

(August 2011)