Monday, July 18, 2011


The day you came into the dreams of mine
I realised that I was as in love as never before
When you smiled as if you had the same one
All I felt is that someday you would come and adore

When you was near I never spoke because of shy
So the time got anger and flew somewhere
Oh! God Just give me the wings to fly
For I had to catch that time back and keep it there

If you love someone let you say
Then I will never come in your way
If you don’t remember i am waiting for you everyday
And come soon without any delay

Whenever I am happy, I feel thee
You are there with me as the happiness
Even if you take everything away from me
You will be still present as the emptiness

All I want is you to become my wife
Every relation except you is full of lies
Baby, never cry once in your life
I will die ‘cause I am living inside your eyes

who other than me will call you with a nick name
who will listen everthing to everything you talk
who other than me will give you all the fame
who will hold yuor arms in all the way you walk

When your beauty wilts and when you become old
Who will love you this much as I do
The depth of my love could never be told
So you think well before saying no

I don’t know what on earth
Could convey my love underneath
If you can’t give you then give me myself
Which I have been, before the day I saw yourself