Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Why You Said NO to ME ?

I never thought anything more important than you

All I thought is to sacrifice my life for your happiness

Everyone believed this as love but I felt this, as something more than that

I believed nothing could divide us

Until the day you said no

I wondered how this could happen to me, but when happened

My heart cried like the baby who doesn’t knew anything

Since it believed only tears could lessen its weight

But I never blame you for this, how I could

But if God was in front of me I would have pelted the stones on him

Because all my prayers to him was ignored

He only made me to love you

Only because one day he wanted to take you away from me

After you left I went and hugged the ivy tree

In which I had written the names of the both

Everywhere all my eyes could see is the image of thee

But my hands couldn’t catch them

I chased them then, ended to sleep in the beach

After few moments I can’t believe that

I was in a temple surrounded by all our relatives

The music of the marriage eve was hitting my ears

I was sitting there as the groom with the auspicious thread in my hands

You was there near with me as the bride

I felt as if I attained the whole world

I will never open my eyes anymore, because

I knew if I open my eyes all these things will go

i miss you to love you more

It has been so long since I have seen you

I have even forgotten your face

The words you spoke with me

The days you spent with me

But I feel every moment as same like

The moments you was near with me

Even when I close my eyes before I sleep

I could feel yourself in me

As we love the ones whom we miss the most

It doesn’t matter that I haven’t got you

Because I feel that I miss you only to love you more

I know what I feel is a quite sort of craziness

But only those who love someone will know

How beautiful my feelings are, because

In one or mays all the ones who love someone

Are insanes.

days in a paradise

The dreams that filled everyone’s eyes

The stories that were said under the trees

The time that were spent in the benches

The treats that were kept and borrowed

The hostel food that reminded the missing of mother’s food

The gazes of the beautiful ones that made

Our loved ones to be forgotten for seconds

The results that came proportional to the movies

Those were seen before the nights of the exam

The heroic acts that ended up in great comedies

The cakes that were bought only to waste

The beatings that were given in the birthday midnight

The innocent proposals and the paining humiliations

These were happenings but

Someday these will be memories

The tear drops that runs down the cheeks

When we travel lonesome in a bus near the windows seat

In one or more ways

All these are beautiful college days

What shall I give you in return?

You gave me birth, you gave me breath,
You gave me the world, you gave me everything,
You gave me myself,
What shall I give you in return?
If everything that I have is given by you,
For all the things you gave,
I owe you everything including me, but
All I can able to give is the love in return
But I could never be able to return even that fully
Because if earth has given droplets of water
The sky can return it fully as rain but
How can the sky return? If the earth has given the ocean
Likewise if you had given me the droplets of love
I would have returned it as the rain
But you my mother all you gave me is the ocean of love.

Monday, July 18, 2011

written for a writing contest for this story"As in love as never before": by k.krishna kumar

:There are two kinds of lovers in this world the first kind is those falls in love at the first sight and the second kind is those who feels after some days or some months or some years later that they had actually fell in love at their first sight itself. I belong to the second kind i saw her for the first time when i was fourteen when i entered as a new student to that school where she was studying during that time i still remember there was nothing in my mind except that she was beautiful.
Yes she was really very much beautiful with her complexion appeared as if it was made by squeezing the rose petals which were dropped in white milk for few days with her ordinary black hair with its mysterious shining and her black eyes as innocent as the just born baby's eyes. But to say the truth it was my eyes which viewed her as if she was the most beautiful woman in the world.
     One day she came into my dream and the next day i saw her, she smiled as if the same dream came to her, from that day i realized that i had fell in love for her. Each day i went on to school just in order to see her, i felt that my heart was always hanging around her whenever she was near with me and missing somewhere whenever she is not with me, i was very much attracted towards her.
     Days went on but i never proposed her as i was afraid that she may not accept my proposal and there came my fate which is so cruel that it took my chance of being near with her when my beautiful school days ended. After that i was not known where she was gone, all i believed is that she is playing hide and seek and she will come to me when the game ends. years went on i saw many beautiful girls but i never fell for them then i realized that there was something other than her beauty for which i had fell for.
    And the cunning time went on then i didn't knew where she was i had even forgotten her face, the words she spoke with me, the days she was near with me but still when i close my eyes before i sleep i could feel herself in me. I knew that she won’t be aware of the part she played in my thoughts and dreams, she will never knew that i loved her so much, it hurt me so much when i thought of this and i decided to propose her for i was afraid that my love for her may go unsaid.
    My proposal was so simple as like her simple no to it, i felt that though she didn't love me i could never take her away from my life even if i empty my heart she will be still present in it as the emptiness.
   Now i am twenty i still believe that her love will be always there in guiding my life in the best way, i started loving my life only after i started loving her and i should never hate my life because she was not with me, If i do so then there won’t be any meaning in my love towards her. I will surely marry some other girl and live a beautiful life which i thought of living with her, because all women are more or less same in nature, it was my love that made herself appear as the most unique from other women.
     I will do all these because someday in my life i want to look back and feel happy that all these great things happened because i loved her and make myself and others including her to understand that my love for her is always been a great gift for me in making my life a beautiful one.


The day you came into the dreams of mine
I realised that I was as in love as never before
When you smiled as if you had the same one
All I felt is that someday you would come and adore

When you was near I never spoke because of shy
So the time got anger and flew somewhere
Oh! God Just give me the wings to fly
For I had to catch that time back and keep it there

If you love someone let you say
Then I will never come in your way
If you don’t remember i am waiting for you everyday
And come soon without any delay

Whenever I am happy, I feel thee
You are there with me as the happiness
Even if you take everything away from me
You will be still present as the emptiness

All I want is you to become my wife
Every relation except you is full of lies
Baby, never cry once in your life
I will die ‘cause I am living inside your eyes

who other than me will call you with a nick name
who will listen everthing to everything you talk
who other than me will give you all the fame
who will hold yuor arms in all the way you walk

When your beauty wilts and when you become old
Who will love you this much as I do
The depth of my love could never be told
So you think well before saying no

I don’t know what on earth
Could convey my love underneath
If you can’t give you then give me myself
Which I have been, before the day I saw yourself