Monday, February 21, 2011


you may be sad because,
"you feel yourself as not beautiful"
you may be sad because,
"the one you love have left you"
you may be sad because,
"you have failed many times"
you may be sad because,
"you think you missed the good chances in your life"
you may be sad because,
"you think there is no one likes you"
you may be sad because,of  certain other reasons
but remember that when worries come to you
the HAPPINESS will be dancing at a FEW distance
asking you "wont you accompany me in its coquettish gesture" when you are ready to cross the FEW distance
to leave your worries and get the HAPPINESS then there
will be a sower of happiness in all the way you walk
through the life life always gives you happiness,when it gives you the worries just deny it and seek for the "FEWHAPPINESS"

Monday, February 14, 2011

february 14

everyone will play certain role in your life but everyone dont deserve some special space in yur heart only one do,everyday comes and goes in your life but every day is not special but tomorrow(february 14) is......this is a chance for you to reduce the pain caused by the cupid's arrow just express your love to the name holder of your password....