Tuesday, September 7, 2010


do you remember the days of your childhood
you doesn't had anything in your hand yet you felt contented
you doesn't cared how beautiful you were
you thought all the tomorrows world will be yours
you never felt shy to do things you like
you told some silly lies and feared of being caught
you don't knew the taste of the food you ate for your apetite and enjoyed a lot
you cried a little smiled a lot
you enjoyed a lot and worried to scarce
but when you grew up all has changed
you just think of the childhood days
and whisper to yourself as"how happy i was during these days"
there is no another life left to you to be happy
all you have is one life why are you not enjoying it
happiness is bestowed equally everywhere under the sky
dont deny it  go and soak yourself in the rain of happiness
lead your life like you lead in your childhood
forget the days you cried and reason that made you cry
dont care about anything think that  you are always special
if you do so then one day you will look back
and say "oh! how beautiful is the life of mine"